The Sensory Detective Curriculum

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Understanding our sensory processing ability helps us to understand our likes, dislikes, and regulation style i.e., the strategies we use to help keep ourselves in a calm, alert state. The calm, alert state is the state necessary for learning! Knowing how to stay regulated is a life skill. This ability enables us to function in different environments, in different situations, and with different people.

The Sensory Detective Curriculum is a resource that can be used in a school setting to enable children to learn more about themselves and others. It meets learning goals in science and social studies and can provide a platform to discuss how we behave and communicate with each other. Opening this discussion can help us understand how tensions can rise, how bullying can happen, and how children in our own classroom can feel lonely, isolated and misunderstood. The Sensory Detective Curriculum enables students to discover sensory processing and how it supports attention, focus and regulation skills. Learning adventures include: the neurology of sensory processing, how sensory processing supports the nervous system to pay attention and focus, how emotion is connected to sensory processing and regulation. Each chapter has fun activities for students to not only deepen their understanding but to apply this understanding to their own classroom.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review