Tactile Cubes

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Product Overview

Tactile Cube comes with 6 pieces. Dotted, lined and circular patterns provide tactile stimulation with different levels of intensity, it encourages children to explore the floor as they begin to crawl, the anti-slip dots at the bottom also ensure the best safety. We-Block Series grows with the child, this series includes Tactile Cube, Reflector Cube, Construction Tower and Gears, all the sets in the series can connect to make all levels of creativity.

  1. Dotted, lined and circular patterns provide children different tactile stimulations.
  2. Anti-slip dots on the bottom of the blocks ensure safety.
 Play Value
  1. Provide hands and feet different tactile stimulations.
  2. Enhance children’s tactile sensitivity by stepping on different patterns.
  3. Improve children’s spatial and directional concepts.
  • Components: Total 6 pcs 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review