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Senseez® Handheld Sensory Soothables Hot/Cold Packs are perfect for helping soothe little aches and pains. Ease the senses with these adorable animal themed hot/cold packs. Each pack offers a slightly different tactile sensation. Available in Cold lil’ Cow, Turtle and Jelly. Collect all three! Each cute character has fuzzy or bumpy feet, ears, horns or tails to occupy restless hands. Each Senseez Soothable Hot/Cold Pack also features an innovative THERA°PEARL Pearl Technology® pack that absorbs and delivers heat & cold. Just pop the pack into the microwave for 30 seconds for up to an hour of warmth, or chill in the freezer for 1-2 hours for consistent, soothing cold. Then slip it into the cover before applying to soreness. SENSES/SKILLS: • Proprioceptive Input • Calms and relaxes central nervous system • Helpful for individuals on the Autistic Spectrum, with ADHD, SPD, sleep disorders and other attention issues. • Helps calm children who have difficulty sitting in one place • Aids in Focus • Helps with tactile sensitivities: Can help children learn to tolerate different sensations if they are hypersensitive • Increases processing awareness • Improved concentration FEATURES: • Lightweight and fully portable • Plush Sensory Cover • Dimensions : 8" x 6", plus tail • Comes with one THERA°PEARL Hot & Cold Pack *WARNING: Should not be used without adult supervision. Check temperature after heating before applying to skin. The THERA°PEARL® hot/cold packs must be discarded if punctured or pierced. THERA°PEARL® pearls must not be ingested. RECOMMENDED AGES 3+


(No reviews yet) Write a Review