Numbers and Counting Pocket Chart

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The 18" x 13" tabletop pocket chart is portable, making it a great hands-on learning center for small groups or individual use. A self-checking feature allows students to work independently. The 10 clear pockets on the front can hold the tiles currently in use, and a convenient storage pouch sewn in the back stores all the pieces. Folds for easy storage.

Kids will enjoy learning numbers from 0 to 10, developing early counting skills, and practicing simple addition and subtraction with our Numbers & Counting pocket chart. The tiles are colorfully illustrated to keep kids interested. The set also includes blank tiles that can be written on to replace lost tiles. 
Ages 3 & Up

Contents:  Portable Tabletop Pocket Chart, 11 Double-Sided Number/Picture Tiles, 11 Double-Sided Number/Word Tiles, 30 Double-Sided Square Equation Tiles, 20 Double-Sided Rectangular Equation Tiles, 10 Double-Sided Math Symbols Tiles, 3 Blank Tiles, Activity Guide Only 3 left in inventory!!!! Get this product while it last!!!!!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review