New Sports Edition Pencil Toppers

Sensory University

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Product Overview

The Sensory University has created an all new pencil topper using the same material from its top selling Chew Stixx Product. If your child bites, chews, or grinds, give them something safe to chew on. The Chew Stixx Pencil Topper fits any number 2 pencil, decreases lead exposure, is safe for teeth, is socially acceptable, is allowed in classrooms, increases attention, lowers anxiety levels, and has been proven to improve concentration skills in children constantly seeking sensory input. Excellent for streamline and special needs children. Package includes one baseball shape and one football shaped topper. Not for use with children under 4 years of age. BP, latex and Phthalate free material, coloring, and flavor. FDA approved materials and dishwasher safe.

  • Stops chewing on pens, pencils, shirts, fingers, etc
  • Fun new sports shapes
  • Fits all standard pencils and pens
  • Colors may vary
  • Increases Concentration
  • Cool Sports Theme draws less attention to problems
  • Available in flavors under options


(No reviews yet) Write a Review