EASe Therapeutic Music CD 6


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EASe Therapeutic Music CD 6

EASe CD #6 was designed to compliment EASe CD #5 in musical content and tobe interchangable with EASe CD #1 in a listening schedule. It is comprised of music that has good high frequency content, is up tempo, musically positive, and has been encoded with the same high frequency burst equalization that EASe CD #1 has. One of the disadvantages that EASe has in regard to other auditory stimulation techniques such as AIT (auditory integration training) is the amount of variation that can be contained in one, one hour long compact disc as opposed to many hours of in-office therapy. To address that problem we have created additional EASe CDs to compliment EASe CD #1. We now have ten EASe CD's, totalling ten hours of therapy. The use of Ease CD's improves:
  • Sound sensitivity
  • Sensory defensiveness
  • Eye contact
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Verbal communication and articulation
  • Temperament and self-management
  • Organization
  • Sleep management
  • Focus and attention


(No reviews yet) Write a Review