Cozy Corner Platform Comfort Swing

Sensory University

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The all new Sensory University Cozy Corner Comfort Swing is perfect for the days when aggressive swinging is just too much. This swing is great for sensory warm up or cool down sessions. Excellent when a child is wound up from a day of school or just wants to chill out in "their" space and read a book. Every child really wants to "hang out" from time to time. Material is waterproof and weatherproof, however in winter this swing should not be left hanging outside. Therapy swings have had poor structural design and institutional appearance for way too long. The Sensory University has put together some of the finest and most fun therapy swings on the market. What good is a swing if the child is afraid of it? Our design combines both a high quality frame and fabric to construct a therapy swing that will give an individual or clinic years of use. Our swings can be mounted to standard swivel hardware in a therapy clinic, or directly to any structural beam in your home. For home use it's this simple: 1. Find a beam in the ceiling of your child's room. Install a pair of I bolts rated for your child's weight plus the weight of the swing (available at any hardware store) straight through the drywall and into the wood. It takes less than 5 minutes to create a therapy clinic experience for your child in his or her very own room. For children aged 3 and over. Maximum load: 300 lbs (mounting equipment must be rated the same) This swing can also be attached outside to any standard swing set or inside to any standard swing stand.
  • Great for sensory warm up or cool down.
  • Kids love sitting in swing while reading.
  • Easily works into daily sensory routine.
  • Set up for standard therapy clinic swivel connections.
  • Can be installed in home in less than 30 minutes.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review