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Midwest Tropical

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Product Overview

This versatile bubble panel can be on a tabletop or placed as a floor model. Its mesmerizing flow of bubbles entertains as well as making this bubble wall a conversation piece for your guests. It includes interchangeable color filters that add uniqueness and variety to the panel to personalize it and to create a mood. It creates lighting in your favorite room and this bubble wall is so quiet it can go into any home or business. These bubble panels are made with durable cell cast acrylic and the clarity is better than glass and the material is stronger.  The bubble panels’ design makes it easy to maintain for years of enjoyment.

Product Details

WP-3 Water Panel

23 ” x 11 ” x 41 ” H

3 Gallon Style

1 Clear Acrylic Panel

1 Black Acrylic Header Unit

1 Black Acrylic Base Unit

1 Air Pump

1 Set of Airline Tubing

1 Check Valve

1 Bubble Air Wand

1 Fluorescent Light Fixture

1 Set of Color Strips (blue, green, orange, magenta


(No reviews yet) Write a Review